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Coconut oil for dry hair: Why is it so good?

Because of its high content of fatty acids, nutrients, and antioxidants, coconut oil is a panacea famous for its endless uses for hair, skin, and body. Coconut oil comes in all shapes and varieties, and the latest trend? Coconut oil for your hair – especially coconut oil for dry hair. I’ve been a fan of coconut oil for hair for a long time when it came to my choice in hair care products, but not until recently did I find out exactly how many advantages there are to using coconut oil for hair. In this post you’ll find my best recommendations and good advice for using coconut oil for hair.

In order to benefit from all the wonderful advantages of the coconut oil, make sure you know how to use it correctly before you go all in. When it comes to all the so-called multitasking oils on the market, not many oils compare to the many possible applications of coconut oil. You can use the nourishing coconut oil for dry hair or as a moisturizing oil for skin and body – and you can even use it for makeup removal.

If you’ve wondered why almost all professional haircare products contain coconut oil, then read on and learn how to use it and precisely what it can do for your hair!


Why you should use coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is the richest natural source of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA), which are completely essential and nourishing for the body. MCFAs contribute to a more efficient absorption of the important nutrients in hair, skin, and body.

Coconut oil for hair has a high content or lauric acid, which is naturally occurring in breast milk and supports hormonal and cellular health. The natural medium-chained fat in coconut oil makes it possible for the oil to penetrate the hair in ways that other oils are unable to. That’s why many people find that coconut oil provides relatively fast results when they, for instance, use it for dry hair ends or dry and sensitive skin.

Although for decades it’s been used for cooking, the pure, fat coconut oil wasn’t until recently added to cosmetics, haircare, and skincare products. But the possible uses of coconut oil don’t stop there…

3 advantages of using coconut oil for hair

1. Coconut oil prevents protein loss

Due to its high content of lauric acid and low molecular weight, coconut oil is able to penetrate deeply into the hair fibres and contribute to the prevention of protein loss.

2. Coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer

Because the coconut oil is rich in lauric acid and easily penetrates the hair, it’s excellent as a daily moisture booster – with results almost right away!

3. Coconut delivers fast results

Regardless of your skin or hair type, many experience faster and more efficient results because of the oil’s composition and structure.

What coconut oil for hair should I use?

A good rule of thumb is to choose organic virgin coconut oil in order to avoid refined or processed coconut oils, which don’t have the same advantageous properties for hair. Coconut oil might also be chemically processed to extend its shelf life.

Can I use raw coconut oil in my hair?

It’s possible to use raw coconut oil as it is, and supermarkets and health stores sell raw coconut oil for various possible uses. However, you should keep in mind that when you use raw coconut oil for hair, the hair might become greasy, and coconut oil in this form tends to weight down the hair. At the same time your hair benefits from combining different ingredients, which is why you can achieve even better results for your hair by combining a hair oil with the fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals of the coconut oil.

Other important ingredients

It might be a good idea to find a coconut oil that contains other vegetable fats or essential oils. By combining coconut oil for hair with other nutritious oils, you get even more benefits from your hair oil. Personally, I like to alternate between Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil and Split Fix™ Hair Oil which besides coconut oil also contain other oils from e.g. argan and apricot kernel. They are specifically designed to enhance the effect of the coconut oil by combining the ingredients. In addition, they don’t make your hair greasy or weighed down at all, and due to their content of argan oil, these hair oils even provide natural protection against heat and UV rays, making them ideal to use before styling or bring on a sunny holiday.

How to use coconut oil for hair

Because there are so many uses for coconut oil for hair, you might want to experiment a bit to see what you and your hair prefer. We recommend the following procedure for using coconut oil for dry hair.

REMEMBER: Start with a small amount

When using coconut oil for hair, more isn’t always better. Start out with a small amount. You can always add more coconut oil if you need or want it. Until you know how your hair reacts to the coconut oil, only use a small amount and work it into your dry hair and pay particular attention to the hair ends.

Mind your scalp

Although virgin coconut oil can be beneficial for dry scalp or dandruff, pure and unprocessed coconut oil often tends to weigh down the hair or clog pores and cause irritation to many skin types. If you want to use coconut oil for dry scalp, make sure you’re using a product suitable for the purpose. Personally, I use Scalp Delight™ Detox Scrub, which is an exfoliating scrub for sensitive scalp based on organic aloe vera, olive oil, spearmint, and peeling rice powder – and is highly suitable for removing grime, dandruff, sebum, and product residue from the scalp.

Use coconut oil in wet hair

We recommend that you use the hair oil in wet hair as a finishing, nourishing treatment after washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner. By applying the coconut oil to wet hair, the hair gets an extra moisture boost and is left soft and shiny all day.

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Advantages of coconut oil for dry hair

Makes brushing tangled hair easier

Is your hair more tangled than usual? Then use coconut oil for hair. The fat oil works as a lubricant for your hair and makes it easier to comb through – works in both dry and wet hair!

How to: Warm up a bit of coconut oil in the palm of your hand. Use for instance Split Fix™ Hair Oil since it’s incredibly easy to work with and doesn’t weigh down the hair. Divide your hair into two sections (or more, if you have long hair) and apply the oil. Leave it in for a short while and then comb the hair with a paddle brush – or wet brush, if the hair is wet.

Tames your frizzy hair

Because coconut oil mostly consists of medium-chain fatty acids, the oil penetrates the hair deeper and faster than other oils on the market. Use coconut oil for dry hair if you want to prevent and tame frizzy hair..

How to: Add a small amount of coconut oil to your hair and massage the oil into your hair. Comb it through with good hair brush and let the hair air-dry. Instead of pure coconut oil, I like to use Moisture Hero™ Hair Oil rich in coconut and 5 other nourishing oils.

Instantly makes hair shiny

The coconut oil immediately adds shine to the hair and is perfect for busy mornings where you’d like to make your hair fabulous in no time.

How to: Avoid the scalp, but apply to dry hair and spread with your hair brush or comb.

Use as leave-in conditioner

If you have long, curly or dry hair, you might want to add some extra moisture to the hair after washing it. Apart from untangling wet hair, the oil is an intensive moisturizer – and pure love for curls or thirsty hair.

How to: Before brushing or styling your hair, add a little Split Fix™ Leave-in Conditioner or coconut oil and use your fingers to spread it on the ends and then work your way towards the roots. Let the coconut oil penetrate the hair and then brush the hair as usual. There is no reason to rinse out the coconut oil. A tip for extra dry hair is to use a weekly hair mask for dry hair.

Use coconut oil as pre-shampoo treatment

Usage of chemical shampoos, conditioners, styling products or hair dye for prolonged periods can leave the hair dry and worn out. By using coconut oil in your hair as a pre-shampoo treatment, you prevent dry hair because the coconut oil makes the hair less likely to absorb water and shampoo when you wash it.

How to: Add the raw coconut oil to the hair, leave it in, and let it soak up for 15-20 minutes. Focus on the hair and hair ends and avoid the scalp. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water and wash it with shampoo and conditioner as usual.

Use coconut oil as "overnight" treatment

It’s perfectly safe to use coconut oil as a natural way to help your hair grow longer, thicker, and faster. The high content of vitamins and essential fatty acids, which occurs naturally in coconut oil, penetrates deep into the hair strands and moisturizes the hair. If you use a good coconut oil for hair, especially at the hair ends, you can prevent hair breakage and splitting. That way it will also be easier for the hair to grow long and healthy.

How to: This particular routine is especially useful shortly before going to bed. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and dry it with a towel. Add a little bit of raw coconut oil to the hair. Gently comb the hair and then wrap your pillow in a Bamboo Towel Pillowcase, to protect the pillow from the oil and wet hair. The morning after rinse the coconut oil out of your hair and wash with shampoo and conditioner. Repeat this procedure 2-3 times a month.

Use coconut oil in your hair as protection against the sun and heat

This oil can do wonders for dry and sun-damaged hair. Coconut oil is a great hair protector and is by nature UV-protective and can block op to 20% of the sun’s rays. That’s why you might want to consider bringing a coconut oil in your bag when you head off to warmer weather, because that way you can prevent sun-damaged hair. Do keep in mind that that the coconut oil doesn’t provide you with 100% protection against strong sunlight and UV rays, so if you plan on spending time in the sun, you might want to bring a hat or a scarf for your hair to make sure your hair is 100% protected against UV damage.

How to: Apply a bit of coconut oil to your hair and especially the hair ends. You can apply it to either towel-dry or dry hair. Massage into the hair strands and hair ends and leave it in. The morning after application, you rinse out the coconut oil and wash with shampoo and conditioner.

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