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Our values

Matters near & dear to our hearts

Hair care beyond the look.

At Hairlust we have made a promise to provide natural hair care without compromising on quality. We are conscious of the impact our products have on hair, health and the environment. From that stems our determination to improve.

We want to make clean haircare an obvious choice while conserving the environment with organic contents, recycled packaging and recycling programme.

Customers should be able to trust the brands they support. The key to that? Transparency. This is why we want to give our customers insight into our business processes, principles and products.

As a framework for our sustainability endeavor we use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals that help us structure our push for climate neutrality. We have taken several initiatives to fulfill this, including our collaboration with Ecologi, a platform that hosts climate action solutions. As we do not not believe in wasting precious materials, most of our packaging is produced from post-consumer-recycled (PCR) materials.

Carefully selecting ingredients, having exclusively vegan products, and developing non-harmful processes have earned us the Ecocert Certification in accordance with the COSMOS Organic standard, one of the strictest ecological standards in the industry. Plus, our products are certified by the Vegan Society. Hairlust provides clean hair care products which means that no harmful or unwanted chemicals will ever be found in them.

Sustainable, vegan, organic. If these are things dear to your heart then Hairlust is the conscious choice for you.

Are you curious about the mentioned points of our commitment to improving hair, health, and the environment? Click below to find more detailed information!

Matters near & dear to our hearts

  • We at Hairlust believe that your natural beauty should be enhanced, not concealed. Your look tells your story. A story about self-expression, creativity, and empowerment.

    Hair goes beyond external aesthetics and standards. As an important piece in your story hair care should cater to your individual hair wants and needs. You decide how to embrace your hair journey.

    Wear your hair proud and loud!

  • We're here to stay and you can rely on us. We're proud of our products and everything they contain; from the natural and organic ingredients to the packaging that wraps them.

    Our customers deserve the very best, full stop. That’s why we take no chances with regard to quality. We take product quality so seriously that we want to do more than just promise good quality - we want to make sure to keep those promises.

    To do so, we test our products at Eurofins, an independent third-party laboratory. Eurofins is a recognized independent laboratory conducting in-depth analyses to ensure that all produced products meet our standards. As a result, we can confidently claim that our products fulfill the highest quality standards, and do not contain harmful or unwanted chemicals.

  • We do our absolute best to include sustainability in every process of our company. It's our guarantee to you. Whether it concerns the choice of partners, production decisions, shipping policies, or internal matters, we believe sustainability is the only way forward.

    We also think it’s important to be transparent about our day-to-day activities. In all we do, we wish to stand at eye level with our customers to give you important insights into our business processes and principles. This provides us with credibility, and you with closeness to us as a brand.

    To provide a framework for our sustainability and transparency efforts, we work with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to achieve a more sustainable future for all.

    More specifically, we have decided to focus on the following SDGs:

    Clean energy (Goal 7): Implementing new energy solutions is now cheaper, more reliable, and more efficient than ever before. It is essential to counter climate change as the current reliance on fossil fuel is harmful to the planet

    Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12): Humans have not responsibly used the abundance of natural resources the planet has provided. Therefore we need sustainable consumption and production patterns to reverse the inflicted harm.

    Climate action (Goal 13): Education, innovation, and adherence to climate commitments are required to make necessary changes to protect the planet. These changes will modernize the infrastructure and create new jobs and more.

  • It's no secret that every person and business has an impact on the climate in some way. We produce hair products and ship the products to our customers. In that process, there are many steps that can be worked on to reduce the climate footprint. For example, we have moved the majority of our production to Denmark in order to be close to our customers. We carefully select our raw material suppliers based on responsible principles and always consider distances and delivery methods.

    In 2021, we have decided to go the extra mile by fully offsetting our CO2 emissions in order to become climate neutral. In collaboration with Ecologi, a platform that hosts climate action solutions, we do this by planting trees and supporting non-profit organizations (NGOs) that are undertaking comprehensive climate initiatives around the globe through direct donations.

    Some projects we support with our contribution include:

    First Ever Wind Power Project in Honduras:

    As a country with over 10 million inhabitants and a shift from the agricultural to the energy-intensive textile industry, Honduras' demand for energy has more than doubled in the last 20 years. The "Cero de Hula Wind Project" contributes to the country's aim of producing 60% of its energy from renewable sources. In addition to the wind park being built, 57,000 trees have been planted and locals profit from the project through the opportunity of employment, for example.

    Turning waste biogas into electricity in Thailand:

    Large amounts of wastewater containing organic waste are generated by distilleries, which lead to potent greenhouse gases like methane being released into the atmosphere when left untreated. Papop Biogas has installed methane digesters between the exiting sump pit of the Thai San Miguel Liquor distillery and the lagoons. These digesters treat the wastewater and use the subsequently captured methane for electricity production. Estimatingly this project reduces emissions by over 87,000 tonnes per year.

    Reforestation in Changalane, Mozambique:

    Mozambique has been inflicted with a lot of harm over the last centuries. The mangrove estuaries and forests native to the region have been largely decimated due to intensive tree-cutting for firewood and charcoal. In addition, recent ongoing extremist threats in Northern Mozambique have distressed and displaced thousands of already vulnerable locals. Almost 70% of Mozambicans live in vastly rural areas and 66% of them are under the age of 24. The non-profit organization "Eden Reforestation Projects" hires local people to grow, plant, and guard the maturity of planted trees. In Changalane, a village that has a majority adult-aged female population, this concept was employed to support the community whose livelihood historically relies on agriculture. By the end of 2021 over 2 million trees were planted on site

    Curious about other projects we support? More information you'll find here.

  • We care about the origin of the material we use in our packaging and the impact it has on the planet. That's why we use recycled material (PCR) in our product packaging to give used materials a new life.

    We are a proud business partner of Plastic Change, a Danish environmental organization fighting for a world without plastic pollution. We support a future without plastic pollution and join the fight for a waste-free society where plastic is reused again and again. We should all use less and better plastic for the benefit of the environment, climate, and health.

    All our product packaging is 100% recyclable, whether it's plastic, cardboard, or glass.

    We have partnered up with SMALL Revolution, a mission-driven Danish start-up that is determined to turn plastic waste into decorative pieces. After our rebranding in September 2022, we were left with some leftover packaging and we knew that these resources were too precious to throw away. Our partner helped us to turn our intention into a vision and from there into a total eye-catcher. The purple packaging of our old Hair Growth & Repair for Blondes series turned into beautiful lavender-colored vases and furniture.

    We really hope that our customers follow the movement and help us by recycling packaging properly.

    These and other creations from this collection are now available in limited edition. Click here to see the products.

    More upcycling ideas you can find here.

  • The large majority of our products contain natural ingredients stemming from pure raw materials, for which we obtained organic certification. We truly believe this makes a difference! Organic resources improve both the quality of our products and your health.

    Using ingredients that you can recognize, pick in nature and eat without having to fear for your well-being is something we all prefer when it comes to cooking. But the substances we ingest through supplements, put on our scalp or use to wash our hair also enter our body and can affect our health! That’s why we believe in selecting the purest and organic ingredients wherever possible.

    Some of our ingredients are exclusively derived from Organic Farming. This means that these ingredients are grown in an agricultural system that uses fewer plus ecologically based pest controls and biological fertilizers which in return contribute to reduced soil erosion. Punica Granatum Fruit Extract is one of these ingredients. Same derivation principle also applies to the moisture-retaining ingredient Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter aka cocoa butter as well as Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, a key moisturizing and nourishing ingredient in our products. Equally organic and rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals is by us used Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil aka jojoba oil.

    All these mentioned ingredients are used in our most natural product line, the Moisture Hero™ Series. The hair oil and the Pre-shampoo balm consist of 100% ingredients of natural origin from which at least 21% are derived from organic farming, very closely followed by the Moisture Hero™ shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask.

    The Moisture Hero™ products are not the only ones that are organic. In fact, most of our products are certified as COSMOS Organic by the Ecocert Greenlife agency, a well-recognized European certification for cosmetic products. When a product is COSMOS Organic certified, you as a consumer can always check the exact percentage of the ingredients that are of natural origin and organic. As a minimum to obtain certification, a product must contain at least 99% ingredients of natural origin, 95% of the plants in the formula must be organic and 20% of organic ingredients have to be present in the total formula (10% for rinse-off products). This also guarantees the absence of GMOs, and petrochemical ingredients like parabens or synthetic colorants.

    COSMOS Organic ensures that all ingredients are produced responsibly and with respect. Therefore, you can be sure that products with this certification were produced under conditions that take into account both the environment and people (e.g. employees). There’s more: the certification also ensures that product packaging has been responsibly developed according to all applicable regulations. You can read more about the COSMOS Organic Standard here.

  • We strongly believe that neither animals nor humans should suffer for beauty! The large majority of our products are certified vegan, and those that are not certified are still produced under 100% vegan conditions without the use of animal ingredients or testing.

    We have decided to take a firm stand on this matter. As a company, we strive to make a difference to the quality of life of animals, the environment, and your hair health — the only way to do this is by going all the way.

    Vegan values are strict, which is why we decided to get a large proportion of our products certified by The Vegan Society and labeled with The Vegan Trademark, a recognized international certification for authentic vegan products used around the world.

    In order to obtain The Vegan Trademark certification, a product must not contain any animal ingredients, and no animal testing of any kind may have been used in the manufacture of either the product or the ingredients. In addition, it must be clearly stated whether the product contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs), and if they do, no animal genes or substances must have been used. Last but not least, the product must be produced without any risk of contact with animal ingredients or products.

  • Unfortunately, there are many ingredients that do more harm than good in cosmetic products. Naturally, we have chosen to avoid them altogether in our products. Beauty should never come at the expense of health!

    Hairlust products are clean haircare, meaning we use no harmful or unwanted chemicals in them. In other words, we say no to parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and allergenic fragrances. There also aren't any per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), Endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (FRPs) or animal-derived ingredients in our products.

  • Although we use fragrance in some products, we're always sure to only use all-natural fragrances that are dosed in small quantities. As a result, we do not use any of the official 26 allergenic fragrances.

    Since good hair care routines should not compromise your health, we’re committed to making sure our products are hypoallergenic. Once again, you can feel confident in your choice of Hairlust for natural hair care.

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