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    • You can stop taking Hairlust Hair Growth Formula supplements whenever you want to. However, we cannot guarantee lasting effects if you discontinue using the product.

    • The main difference between Hairlust Hair Formula Gummies for Women and Hairlust Hair Formula Tablets for Women is that our gummy vitamins are suitable for people who do not like swallowing pills. There is not much difference between the two, apart from how they are ingested. Most of the ingredients are the same; however, Hairlust Hair Formula Tablets for Women are slightly more powerful and contain a higher concentration of certain ingredients, as well as a slightly wider range of ingredients, including good amino acids. So although the tablets might be slightly stronger, it is a matter of preference, seeing that chewing vitamins can make ingesting a daily, dietary supplement more enjoyable.

      Both products are vegan and free of gluten and lactose.

    • Hairlust products don't not contain any ingredients that are advised against during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, as with many other food products and dietary supplements, it is advisable to get an approval from your own doctor before usage.

    • That depends a lot on the particular dietary supplement. You can take e.g. fish oils and magnesium concurrently with Hairlust Hair Growth Formula. However, we do not recommend taking any other multivitamin supplements while taking Hairlust supplements, because if taken over a prolonged period of time, an excessive dose of certain fat-soluble vitamins, such as vitamins A, D, E and K, might cause mild side effects. If you have any doubts about your specific dietary supplement, please ask your doctor for advice.

    • Hairlust is designed to support the growth of hair on your scalp and no other body hair. Hair growth elsewhere on the body is primarily affected by your genes and hormones. Therefore, the natural ingredients of our supplements won't have an effect on other body hair.

    • The majority of our products are manufactured in Denmark, but we also have production of e.g. our accessories in the EU and Asia.

      All our products are produced by very carefully selected manufacturers, to ensure that the products live up to all requirements and standards in the EU. Of course, there are always logistics to take into account when producing and distributing products, but we always do our absolute best to optimize all processes, so that we minimize the impact we have on the World we live in. And of course we never compromise on the quality of our raw materials and products.

    • It is not possible to return or exchange pillow or duvet covers if the packaging has been broken. This is not possible due to hygiene and health reasons.

    • When you receive an order confirmation, your order has been processed correctly. The order confirmation contains your order number and will be sent to the email address you provided when ordering.

      If you do not receive your order confirmation within a short time, feel free to check your spam filter or your folder for unsolicited mail, advertising or promotions.

      If you still can’t find your order confirmation, please contact us here. You may have written an incorrect email address when ordering, and in such cases we can change the information in our system and manually send you a new order confirmation to the correct email address.

    • We withdraw the money for your order, when your order has been accepted in our system and is sent to our warehouse for packing. When this happens, your order will be assigned a tracking number and you will receive an email with this number as well as a link that you can use when you need to track and follow the package on its way to you. You will be able to track the package as soon as it is scanned by our couriers in their terminals and upon delivery. It may take up to 48 hours before the first scan appears and you will be able to track the package via the tracking number.

    • If you didn’t manage to pick up the package at the parcel shop within the deadline, then the package can be on the way back to us. If the return shipment has not yet started, there is a possibility that we will be able to get our courier to extend the deadline for collection. If this is not possible, we will be able to find another solution for you.

      All costs relating to the product return are borne by you. If the parcel is returned by way of a return code e.g. because you did not collect the parcel in time or because of missing or incorrect information provided by you, you will be charged a return fee corresponding to €40 for returns by DHL Express, and €14.95 for all other shipping companies. If you want a resend, please contact our customer service.

      If you are on holiday or otherwise unable to pick up your parcel from the parcel shop or post office, and you cannot get someone else to pick up the package for you, please contact us as soon as possible. In some cases we might be able to get the courier to extend the deadline for you.

      Contact us here if you have any questions regarding your order.

    • If your package does not contain a pre-ordered item with extended delivery time, and you, after more than 48 hours from when you received notification that the package was sent, still can see no information other than "Data received" when you track your package via the tracking link, then your package might be stuck somewhere in the system.

      If you ordered shipping with DHL, Posti or PostNord, you can also contact the courier yourself, to find out more about the location of your package. Here you must state the tracking number you received when the package was sent.

      If you have any problems with your order then please contact us here. Then we can investigate the case further and contact our courier to make sure you receive your parcel.

    • If your package has stopped moving and hasn’t arrived in the parcel shop, at your home or business address within the normal delivery time, then it might have been delayed somewhere in the system.

      For delivery to parcel shops: It often happens that the parcel has already arrived at the parcel shop, but just not received it’s last scan at arrival, which means that you haven’t yet received the information, that the parcel has been delivered and is ready for pickup. But it also happens that the package unfortunately has disappeared somewhere in the system.

      If the package has disappeared, we will in most cases be able to arrange for a new package to be sent to you, and make sure you receive the products you have ordered and have been looking forward to receiving.

      You can also directly contact the courier, you’ve chosen to deliver your order, to find out more about your package. Here you must state the tracking number you received when the parcel was sent.

      If you have any problems with your order then please contact us here. Then we can investigate the case further and contact our courier to make sure you receive your parcel.

    • If you have ordered delivery to a parcel shop or a post office, your parcel must be picked up within 14 days of it arriving at the parcel shop (it might vary from country to country, so always check up on this with your local postal services). When the 14 days have passed and the package is still not picked up, the package will automatically be returned to us. If the package is returned this way, because you did not pick it up, you will be charged a return fee for the shipping (the fee depends on the chosen delivery method). So it is a very good idea to pick up the package immediately after it has arrived.

    • When you make a subscription with us, we send your parcel to the nearest parcel shop in our system in relation to your address.

    • You usually have a 14-day right of cancellation on all purchases made from one of Hairlusts websites. You will lose your right to cancel your order if you open and use your product or break the seal, as the product for health and hygiene reasons then no longer can be returned. In the event of cancellations or returns, the product must always be returned in the same condition as you received it.

      If you wish to return a product, it must be sent to our address: Hairlust ApS, Overgaden Neden Vandet 9A, 4., 1414 Copenhagen, Denmark.

      Returns must be at your own expense.

      Please note that in some cases we may offer a longer right of cancellation. We do this, for example in connection with Christmas gift purchases during the month of December, so you have a fair amount of time to exchange or return your Christmas gift, if you wish to. In such cases, this extended right of cancellation will be communicated under our terms and conditions as well as on the product page, under the tab called "Delivery".

      If you regret your purchase, please contact us here, so we can guide you in the return process and keep a close eye on your package if necessary.

    • We rarely have the opportunity to cancel orders, since our warehouse is incredibly fast to pack and ship orders every day of the week, and if your package has already been shipped, we will not be able to cancel it. If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us here as soon as possible, then we might be able to help you during our customer service opening hours on weekdays from 10-16.00 GMT+1.

      Always note your order number in the email (UK followed by 6 digits) and the message "Cancel order" in the subject field, so we can quickly capture your order in the system.

      If you write to us outside our opening hours, then we sometimes still manage to put a stop to your order in the system, and you will therefore receive further notification of your request when we are back at the office again.

      Unfortunately, there may be cases where we do not have time to handle your request before the package has already been sent, if you e.g. first contact us about your cancellation after the package has been packed and shipped, or if you write to us outside our opening hours. In such cases, the parcel has to be returned to us in order for us to refund you. If the parcel is returned after being called back from the courier, or returned automatically after not being picked up from the post office, then we take a return fee. The return fee can vary depending on shipping methods and courier. Alternatively, you will be able to pay for the return yourself and then get the full amount refunded once the parcel has arrived at our office in Copenhagen. Please note that the terms connected to your right of cancellation apply and that the products must be returned in the same condition as you received them. If the products have been used or the seal is broken, you will lose your right of cancellation, as they cannot be returned for hygiene and health reasons.

      When you cancel a purchase and get a refund, the money will in all cases be transferred to the payment card used when the order was placed.

    • If you want to exchange your order for another product then contact our customer service here.

    • If you have received an incorrect product or a faulty product, it is important that you complete our complaint form and all the points below.

      When you fill in our complaint form, you must attach documentation for the reason for the complaint. If you complain about a product, you must save the product and the packaging so that there is an opportunity to investigate the matter.

      If, after examining the product, we confirm that it is incorrect or defective, we will provide you with the necessary instructions on how to proceed.

      Contact us here to start the claim.

    • It is not possible to return or exchange pillow or duvet covers if the packaging has been broken. This is not possible due to hygiene and health reasons.

    • When you purchase a gift card from Hairlust, you will receive it directly in your email inbox just minutes after ordering. You can print it out or forward it as an email to the recipient if the gift card is purchased as a gift.

      Make sure you enter the correct email address so that the gift card can be sent securely to the correct email inbox.

      The gift card contains a personal code, which you must enter at checkout on our website. When the code is entered correctly, the amount of the gift card is automatically deducted. If the entire gift card is not used on one purchase, then save it and use the code again on your next purchase.

      The gift card is valid for 2 years from the date of issue.

    • At Hairlust, we rarely hold sales and we unfortunately do not have many offers on our wonderful products. We have chosen to price our products as cheaply as possible, so that everyone can get quality hair care at a fair price. However, it happens once in a while that we give a discount code or hold exclusive offers. Read more about how to avoid missing out on the great Hairlust deals & discount codes right here.

    • Yes! Some prefer to have their hair care delivered on a subscription basis so they never run out. It is therefore just an extra service and not least an active option. You have the option of having a selection of products delivered continuously and automatically on a subscription basis. Creating a subscription is completely free. You also get a fixed 20% discount on your subscription products. Purchasing products on a subscription basis is always optional, and it is not something you are signed up for without opting for this yourself. By default, all products are made as one-time purchases. The subscription is therefore an additional service we offer. You can also combine a purchase with both subscription products and non-subscription products.

    • If you choose to have your goods delivered as a subscription, the ongoing deliveries will be delivered using the delivery method that was specified when you created your subscription. It will typically be the nearest parcel shop in our system with the chosen freight supplier.

    • We will send you a confirmation by email when you have created an item for subscription. We also send an email 3 days before we send the next delivery, as a friendly reminder. In these emails you will find a link to your profile that says "manage your subscription", which you can access without having to log in. However, these links expire after a few days, and then you must create an account on our website in order to manage your subscription. In your account, you can skip a delivery, change the delivery date, change the product and much more. Create an account to manage, change or cancel your subscriptions. You do not automatically have an account, even if you have created a subscription or placed a regular order. Create an account to access your subscription. When you create an account, please remember to use the same email address as when you created a subscription.

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