• HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush
  • HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush

Bamboo Teasing Brush

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Teasing brush with boar-like bristles for gentle backcombing and precision styling.


About the product

Step up your hair styling game with the Bamboo Teasing Brush! Designed for precise styling, the cruelty-free teasing brush features boar-like bristles for the ultimate back-brushing and maximum volume creation.

Whether you're aiming for sky-high hairstyles or intricate looks, this teasing brush serves as your ultimate styling companion!

Its multi-tiered, densely packed bristles help create voluptuous volume, while the pointed handle makes sectioning hair a breeze. Thanks to its semi-firm bristles and slim design, it works great for taming flyaways and sculpting sleek, polished hairstyles too.

How it works

This teasing hair brush features boar-like bristles mixed with longer pins with rounded tips for optimal styling and comfort. They reduce static electricity and breakage as you tease and untangle, gliding through all hair types with ease.

Discover the eco-friendly solution for your hair care routine with our Bamboo Hair Brushes! Designed with both your hair and the environment in mind, the Bamboo Teasing Brush features an ergonomic, eco-friendly bamboo handle with a pointed tip, ensuring a safe grip and effortless styling. Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing plant that doesn’t need harmful chemicals to grow, which makes it a more sustainable alternative to materials such as wood and plastic.

Measures 23.5cm x 3cm / 9.3in x 1.2in.


  • Sustainable materialSustainable materialSustainable material
  • Vegan ingredientsVegan ingredientsVegan ingredients
HairLust - Bamboo Teasing Brush

Key ingredients

    How to use

    To tease hair for volume: Take a small section of hair and hold it taut. Starting from the mid-section to the roots, gently backcomb downwards as needed for your desired look. Once you've achieved your desired volume, gently smooth over the teased section and style. Tip: Teasing can lead to tangles, so take your time and be gentle when brushing out the teased sections.

    To section hair and create parts: Utilize the spiky end of the brush to section hair precisely for creating parts or styling intricate braids and updos.

    To tame flyaways for a sleek look: Effortlessly smooth flyaways and define edges by using the teasing hair brush together with your favorite styling product, such as the Curl Crush™ Defining Gel or Final Touch™ Hair Spray.

    To clean the brush, remove any hair from the pins and throw it in the trash. Wash the brush with water and allow it to air dry with the bristles facing down.

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